Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Baby Dagny Pouch - Gift Registry

Yesterday I mentioned about Baby Dagny having this incredible sale on a "Peekaboo Pouch Sling." If you purchased one of these you got a bargin! You can google "Peekaboo Pouch" and view the actual website these are sold at (besides Baby Dagny) and to buy one from it you'd pay twice the amount they were selling for yesterday.

So I had to get one :-)

I can't wait to get it and tell everyone how nice it is. I'm sure I will love it.
I am getting the Exclusive Baby Dagny print. Its really fun :-)
I thought about getting the black one... just because it was more neutral and would go with more.. but thinking of the fun summer weather coming it just made sense to get the brighter and more colorful print.

So if you're curious how I like the sling come back in a few days or week for the review... and of course photos of me using it. Also if you didnt get in on the good deal yesterday thats okay. They still have the clearance prices going on. You can get the pouch still for $22.99. Thats still cheaper than $44.00 :-)

I would like to take the time though to tell you all about the Gift Registry over at Its a really neat system they have going on right now.

First, incase you dont know what BabyDagny sells... heres a quick review.
They basically sale really cool baby stuff. Its all very trendy and fun.

By signing up at for their new gift registry program you will get...

A FREE GIFT - Purple Frog Wubbanub pacifier ($16 value -featured in this years Oscar baskets!). I own a wubbanub pacifier. I actually purchased it from Baby Dagny months ago. I LOVE this pacifier. Taite uses it daily... Taite is starting to use his hands more... so he can hold onto the pacifier now. Its so cute! Its much easier to find than the tiny ones as well :-) not to mention it stays in their mouth much better.

*click image for larger view* - Taite w/ his Wubbanub
- Photo by Touched Photography - Taite 2 1\2 months old

You can keep the Wubbanub for your own child... or if your children are past "pacifier days" than give it to a friend of yours who is expecting. I just bought two wubbanubs for my friend Tara who had twins last week. What a unique gift :-)

All of Baby Dangy's gifts come in really beautiful pacakges. They are a signature green linen box w/ a sheer purple ribbon. (They are featured above in a photo). Its always fun getting such a cute box with a gift inside it.

You will also get...

FREE SHIPPING on all the items purchased through your gift registry. Your gift givers will really appreciate this because it saves a bundle (shipping adds up!) and maybe even spend some of those additional savings on another gift :-)

Lastly you'll get

FREE GIFT CERTIFICATE Sixty days after your entered arrival date you'll receive a gift certificate for 10% of all gift purchases through your registry. Every purchase that is made through your registry will earn you additional certificate rewards.
The more you add to your registry and the more friends/family you tell, the more potential rewards you can earn.

I'll try and wrap things up here though :-) Seems like my post have been really long lately!
I thought I'd show a few fun items I saw on their site last night...

If your not for cloth diapers but like the look of them :-) Baby Dagny has these really cute diaper covers! Makes the diapers look just as cute as my cloth ones. hehe

I mean really, how fun is that! Coffee?! :-) I love the duckie on it.
You can get that right now for $16.99

This shirt is on clearance right now for $8.99. Thats just as cheap as Target shirts.

So many cute things.... I cant decide! :-)
I dont do well with so many items some days. Travis picks on me constantly because any time we go to Wendys to eat he will ask me "so what do you want?" and im like "well I need to look at the menu" haha... and hes like "they have the same stuff they always do..." and I just say "they may have something new." HAHA

Im a huge browser... and just have to try new things :-)

TO sign up for your free BABY REGISTRY AT baby dagny CLICK HERE


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