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Berry Well & Winter Breeze- by

"Never fear the flu when you keep Berry Well on hand. Each ingredient in this pleasantly fruity syrup holds its own against flu, colds, and a swarm of bacterial and viral infections. Berry Well is a practically miraculous combination of: "

I do have to start off on a negative note here... The taste is not pleasant :-) Im sorry! haha But it isn't.. Ive had my share of bad tasting cold medicines (like NyQuil - the green kind is the worst!!) and this ones really no better as far as the taste goes. Like I stated in the precious review I have a sensitive taste bud system :-) and I'm easily turned off by certain taste... So I may just be extra sensitive with this.

My 3 year old though has taken Berry Well many times and does fine. A few times he has even told me it taste good... So who knows :-) maybe I just don't like the texture.

I asked my husband what he though about the taste (because hes taken it as well) and he said "It was pretty strong." and I asked him if he thought it was as bad as NyQuil as far as taste goes... and he said "no." so it must just be me :-)

But! onto the good news.

This is wonderful stuff...

Here's a bit of information I took off their website... because they really do explain it far better than I ever could!

Luscious, purple elderberries (first used long ago by Native Americans) that provide anthocyanins. The anti-viral powers of these immune system enhancers attack many strains of influenza A and B—without the side effects or complications of a flu shot.

• Raw honey sweetens the mixture with more than just good taste. It delivers a rich supply of live enzymes required to help body systems fight colds and respiratory infections of all kinds.

• Bee propolis and Echinacea root extract—both considered powerful, natural antibiotics.

• Raw apple cider vinegar, a folk remedy celebrated for its use against a long list of ailments, increases your body’s alkalinity. (Although today’s diets tend to make us more acidic, an alkaline body is safer from cancer and other diseases.) And the potassium in raw vinegar helps cells fight bacteria and viruses. Take it regularly or when you first feel sick, and stay well with Berry Well. Your doctor will wonder if you’ve moved out of town

Lots of information I know :-)

One thing I really liked about this product was the fact I could take it... and the next day not feel like I had a hang over. I use to take NYQUIL when I got sick... but not any more. I enjoy taking this much more because I don't get so zombi like...

NyQuil just knocks me out!! and sometimes I like that feeling :-) but I never like the feeling the next morning... because it takes me an entire day to feel normal again.

Berry Well doesn't do this to you...

Its also safe for children ages 3 and up I believe. Calebs taken it many times.

Another great cold product makes is a all natural winter breeze VAPOR rub.

When your child gets a stuffy nose... and needs a way to clear things up this is the thing.
Its all natural and great for most ages.

Heres a quote from their site...
"This healthy version of the vapor rub mom spread on your chest and under your nose when you were a child provides cool, refreshing relief from congestion. Winter Breeze uses body-friendly coconut and olive oils, along with beeswax (rather than petroleum—oil that can be processed into gas for your car!) as carriers for the camphor, menthol, eucalyptus, wintergreen, and tea tree oils known for their abilities to clear mucus and help heal upper respiratory and bronchial infections. You can also apply Winter Breeze to your feet, where the antibacterial, antifungal oils soak through your skin and into body cells. If applied regularly at bedtime for several months, foot fungus and cracking should disappear."

Use the coupon code: PR308AW to get 10% off your order.. cannot be used on books or packaged deals...

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  1. Just a note to the mamas out there. Camphor is not safe to put on babies or young children. It can damage their liver.

    It's perfectly safe for older kids and adults though :)


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