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Devotional Book for BUSY Moms :-)

As many of you know I am a believer... and as a believer I find it a MUST to spend time DAILY in the Word as well as prayer.

Sadly as a mom and really a woman... we get busy with every day things and time alone with God seems to be put at the bottom of the list.

This to me is a terrible rut that so many of us mothers get into... we justify our time away from God with thoughts like...

"Oh He understands... I can just pray some tomorrow..."

But really... just like our babies need to spend time with us every day... and build a bonding relationship with mommy and daddy... so do we need to spend time with our Heavenly Father daily.

The book I am reading right now is called...

Busy Mom's Devotional

It is by Lisa Tawn Bergren.

Below is a bit of information about the book as well as my thoughts on the book..

Blurb about the book: Think it's impossible to have a spiritual life AND manage family life? There are many days that plainly feel like an exercise of survival. But living a life of devotion means seeing Christ in everything--from changing a diaper to a husband's tender kiss. Join Lisa for a year of "been there" devotions--readings from a mom who lives like you do, in the trenches, but strives to see Jesus beside her, through it all. Do just one devotional a day (or a week!), and you'll begin to see life with more depth and clarity than ever before. And be sure to register for Lisa's eNewsletter on the Contact page if you would like to receive some of Lisa's devotionals (and news/contests/etc) for free!

Lisa's Bio: LISA T. BERGREN is the author of twenty-eight books that have sold many more than she ever believed. She writes a lot from the heart and in whatever category that currently interests her–from gift and children’s books to medieval fiction and Bible studies. She is a wife to Tim, an artist, and mother to three phenomenal children–Olivia, Emma and Jack. The Bergrens live in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and worship at Trinity Lutheran Church in Monument. For more specifics on Lisa, see her Web site at

Now my thoughts on this book..

I found it very refreshing and easy to read. I like devotionals that allow us to dig deeper into the scriptures.. yet give us a "illustration" to help us better apply things to ourselves. It helps me understand things better some days.

I did wish this book was 365 devotionals.. rather than just 52 :-)
I really like all of the ones Ive read so far... but this book is scheduled out to be "one devotional" a week... so 52 in the year.

Personally I dont think 1 time a week in study is enough. But like Lisa mentions in the book... we can honor Christ and spend time with Christ not only sitting down in prayer or reading devotionals/scripture... we honor Christ and grow closer to him through many things...

Serving Christ to me is a life style... and not just a structured "list" of things to do.

Even on those days that my children are sick..
I have a back ache...
my husbands busy working late..
and I have 5 loads of cloth diapers to do (HAHAH!)
I can still spend time in prayer during the laundry time... during my time cooking (as long as a kid isnt stuck to my leg)... as well as share Christ and the Word with my children throughout the day.

If you want a great and easy reading devotional book... Order yourself a copy of this great book!

Also if you want a chance to win a book yourself... go to this site... sign up for the newsletter. Lisa will be giving away 3 books to randomly drawn winners!

Lisa is also doing a blog tour! Check out the details here

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