Wednesday, August 20, 2008

bynicola Custom Dog Tags

Having a daughter has given me wonderful opportunities to find beautiful unique items, and I enjoy discovering these so much that as a fairly new puppy owner I was on the hunt for a beautiful unique something to adorn puppy's neck. I think Mary Scot (christened so by Providence after Mary the Queen of Scots) is so awfully cute that I just couldn't bring myself to put the same thing on her that every other dog and their mom is wearing.

Luckily I found bynicola, and with it pretty somethings almost as beautiful as Mary Scot. These beauties are made of sterling silver with a copper or silver cut out shape soldered on. I love the contrasting look of the two metals against each other and your shape options make each tag more uniquely fitting to your dog and family. My only complaint is that Mary Scot moves so much I can't admire her tag more.

Buy it: You can purchase a custom tag for your dog or cat directly from bynicola's etsy shop in four sizes Super Duper, Large, Small, and Charm, as well as search through gorgeous jewelry pieces for yourself.



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