Monday, December 1, 2008

Cold Issues? Vicks has an answer

Ever have a cold that just wont go away? That affects your sleep because your nose is SO dry and stuffy you cant breathe? Or possibly your throat feels like a rough road w/ dust blowing across it... Well thats what I have been dealing with for about 2 weeks now.

I believe the culprit.. germies :-) but more so allergies now.

"Kaz" a world for health and comfort carries a very popular brand called Vicks. We are probably all familiar with vicks. I instantly think of the vicks vapor rub we put on our children during cold season.

They do have more than just vapor rub :-)

One product I got to try out was their Vicks Germ Free Humdifier. Now this isnt your cheap walmart brand that last 1 winter and its done.

The Vicks Germ Free Humidifier has a 3 year warrenty and is built to last. The thing I liked best about this product was that Humidifier provides purer, sanitized warm mist for worry-free, healthful moisture! You dont have to worry about any sort of bacteria entering your room.

I only have 1 CON. That con being it had a slight perculating sound. It reminded me of a coffee pot bruing up... The perculating isnt overly loud though and if you turn the temprature down some it isnt even noticable.

With colds you do sometimes aquire a temprature.
All I have ever owned are those pesky thermometers that take an hour and 1/2 to read a temp.. (kidding)... but really I would get so frustrated trying to take my sick babies temp that I often asked myself "Why dont they sell the ear kind in stores?!"

I am the proud owner now of one of those "ear kinds!" and I will NEVER EVER go back to the old style thermometers.

The Vicks Infrared Ear Thermometer is incredible! My boys had colds as well and I used it on both... it took seriously 1-2 seconds to read their tempratures... and they didnt even cry. I was so thrilled it was that easy.

It works perfect and for those who may not think its acurate.. it is. I tried a regular themometer on the boys and it read exactly the same as this ear one.

If you are more for the traditional thermometers you can check out their Comfort Flex brand.. its similar but much faster than the traditional ones you'd buy.

Buy It: You can find all these products and more over at the KAZ website. There is a lot of great information about each individual one..


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  1. Ohhh I would love one of those thermometers. Cool review.


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