Saturday, November 15, 2008

Creative Toy Shop - Create, Play, Recycle.

Many toys are made out of plastic, some are even lucky enough to be made of wood. But how many toys are made out of durable cardboard?

Creative Toys Shop
offers high quality (recyclable) cardboard toys that your young ones can design and decorate on their very own (or with a little guidance from an adult).

Whether you are looking for a big,small or medium size activity, Creative Toy Shop has the appropriate size project for your child. From a large walk-in castles ($79.99, pictured above) to smaller hand held toys, Creative Toy Shop has it covered.

We've been working on the Rose Palace Garden ($14.99) for the past few days. We are taking it slow, making sure we really concentrate on coloring it just right (although, there is no "right" way). When we're done, it's going to be a castle for her "polly pockets" to live.

All Creative Toys come with markers (non-toxic, washable) to decorate with...but don't let that stop you. This sturdy cardboard would look great with a little paint, collage materials, tinfoil, anything really!

No doubt, these open-ended, creative toys encourage young minds by leaving the doors wide open to all sorts of matter if you have a princess or a pirate.

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