Sunday, November 30, 2008

Introduction to our new Moms

We are finally getting the information up of our two new Simple Moms.. Sorry for the delay. Thanksgiving slowed us up :-)

This information will also be featured from now on up on "The Moms" tab.

(email address to come)
I am the 30 year old wife to a extremely patient man named Michael. He is quite a blessing to a high strung momma like myself, since his temperament seems to balance my household! We are nearing the decade mark in our marriage, and have two sassy daughters, Jordan (7) and Karsyn (8). In short definition, here's what makes me who I am:

a baby loving, preemie mothering, God fearing, wife to an arm wrestler, non organic eating, SUV driving, mastiff owning, stay at home, scary movie adoring, hot headed, arts 'n craftsy, trustworthy, scrapbooking, plain spoken, prayer warrior, hard headed, compulsive blogging, 4 wheeler ownin' mud ridin', cancer hating, Message bible reading, overdue library book having, Daddy's girl. Owh, and also a Photographer :-)

(e-mail address to come)

I'm a stay at home mom of 4. Our only daughter is now officialy a teenager, and the boys range from almost teen down to toddlerish.

Our baby has Down syndrome and we consider ourselves blessed that he has us wrapped around his little finger.

When I hung up the homeschooling mom's hat a few years ago, I dusted off the sewing machine and opened up The Rocking Pony, a shop on Etsy that makes funky kids shirts. We also have a small kennel, so puppies are part of life here. We're actively involved in our church because nothing is more important than knowing that your children walk with the Lord.

We are so excited to have these two ladies on the team! I look forward to seeing what they review :-)


  1. Shelley, What kind of Mastiffs do you have? I have two myself and volunteer with a Mastiff rescue

  2. English.....220 lbs. ROTTEN rescue!

  3. Shelley's website link doesnt like to the right place, It has a blogger link before the actual link.

    Congratulations Ladies! I look forward to checking out your reviews!


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