Thursday, January 22, 2009

Nonny & Boo

IMG_2945As soon as I posted photographs of this sling on my personal blog I had people e-mailing asking "Where can I get one!?"

Nonny & Boo was created by a mother who after many attempts at different carriers, had yet to find one she loved. She then decided to create her own.

I for one am so glad she did. The slings she offers over at Nonny & Boo are not only beautiful to look at, but amazingly hand crafted. Each sewn with love.

Her unique prints and fun style makes for some of the most beautiful slings on the market today.

I was asked by some how I liked the larger style rings. I have tried 3 other large style ring slings (all costing more than this sling) and hands down this one is the best. I realize now after trying these slings that ring size doesn't so much matter, but how it is made.

This sling functions beautifully and is VERY comfortable! A must for any mother on the go needing an extra set of hands.

Buy It: Nonny & Boo recently launched a new line of fabrics. Along with those new fabrics you can also find some great new items. Home made Tee's & Hoodies as well as Plushies, toys & even Baby Wraps.

A Simple Coupon: With the coupon "SIMPLE10" you can get $10.00 off any purchase over $50.00. So basically any ring sling you buy is $10.00 off! Right now you can purchase the same sling I am modeling (Cherry Bomb) for $54.00 (not including the $10.00 you'd save using our coupon). She also has some other ones on sale right now starting around $60.00

Please take advantage of this coupon while its valid.



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