Saturday, January 24, 2009


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I have owned a KimzKreations ring sling for over a year now. I got my very 1st sling from Kim back when Taite was around age 1. I fell in love with Kims simplicity... and charm.

I think when people look at Kims slings online they immediately think "Thats nothing fancy..."

I assure you...

Kims slings are incredible...

No they dont have all the embelishment...

No they dont have designer fabrics...

But her slings are well worth every single penny!! The love and design Kim has put into these slings is awesome... Personally I think she charges to little... because they really are so so nice.

Buy It: You can purchase your very own custom ring sling by Kim over at She customizes the length of her slings if asked for. For me this was a great benefit since Im so short.

A Simple Coupon: Kims slings are already so well priced that there isnt much need for a coupon... but she is offering our readers 5% any purchase. To use this coupon send Kim a private message via her website letting her know you would like to purchase a sling and that you heard about her via SIMPLE. The discount will then be deducted privately through Kim.

Sling Remakes?: One thing Kim also does that I thought I would mention are sling fixes... I had a sling that I LOVED... BUT I hated the way the shoulder was... I loved Kims sling design so much that I shipped her my $98.00 designer ring sling to have it re-done with her shoulder and ring size. I cannot express enough how pleased I am with the turn out! (please ignore my head wrap in that photo) Kim is just great. For a price quote on this sort of job e-mail Kim at KimzKreations[at]

*We dont know forsure if this will happen.. but there is a chance that Kim along with many of our WAHM who make ring slings will be shut down by a new law passing.. If passed the law will be in affect Feb 10th... so if you want one of these or any other homemade product for children on our site, please buy them before the 10th!*



  1. This looks really neat. Is there a weight limit? I'm still trying to figure out how I would get this on with the kid in it. Can you explain? My DD is almost two, but the size of a one year old :) I would really like to try one of these out. I might have to go get me one of these, SOON!!

  2. hey awdrey,
    i can still wear taite and hes just shy of 30lbs.. id say no more than 40 lbs haha.. but most people dont wear kids that big :)
    I can put caleb in it still... but hes way to heavy for me to carry in a sling.

    hope that helps!! you'd love one.

  3. Thanks for the information about Kim remaking slings. I've heard a lot of good things about her slings.


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