Thursday, February 5, 2009

Skeeda Reusable Bags

More and more people are jumping on the “green” train and reusing grocery bags is an easy way to join the movement.

The thing I like about Skeeda bags is the fact they are cute and fashionable enough that you can carry them to any store.

Whether you’re making that dreaded trip to the grocery store, or if your just like me and carry THAT much stuff on a daily routine the Skeeda bags are suitable for every trip!!! I carry everything from my BBB [my organizer is my LIFE], make-up [duh], wallet, some snacks for the kids and my Wetbag. (I have to keep an extra set of panties and pants for a potty training tot.) NO REGULAR BAG could look THIS GOOD and carry all THIS WOMANS LOAD!!!! believe that!

Skeeda is a family business and they’re doing their part by providing us with the choice of eco-friendly shopping bags, at least we can do our part and purchase and use them.

Buy It: Won’t you do your part to help save the planet? Visit and see the many different patterns and colors of reusable bags now! Fall in love like I did!
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