Thursday, February 18, 2010

Elephant Couture - Hip Clothes for Kids

I have been on the lookout for two-piece pajamas for my almost 3-year old. We are at the potty training age, so pants that pull down are a must! During my search for toddler sized two-piece pj's, I quickly realized about 95% of them are really ugly and/or made out of weird material.

Then I found Elephant Couture, a new kids' clothing line. They've got onesies, t-shirts, toys and more...but I am IN LOVE with their pajamas! Their unique design and beautiful, rich color combinations are what grabbed my eye. Then upon receiving them, the fabric-junkie in me was overjoyed at the thick, soft, 100% cotton material. They have been worn and washed several times and are holding their color beautifully.

Knowing the background of the designer makes me love these pajamas even more! Designer Leslie Hassler is a photographer to the stars, former Ford model, world traveler, but most importantly, she's a mom. When I look at the line of Elephant Couture, I can see that it was created by a woman with a rich life of creativity and exciting adventures. Its almost like owning items from Elephant gives you a tiny piece of her captivating life!

GET YOUR OWN!! Visit Elephant Couture's website to purchase their line of clothing and toys for kids. The 2-piece 100% cotton pajamas sell for $38.00.



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