Monday, February 15, 2010

Hand-made Cell Phone Cozy


monkeyIf you love home-made goods you will love these hand-made cell phone (or ipod) cozies.

They are hand crocheted with beautiful quality by my sweet mom Aura!

The one featured is one she made for me. It had to be custom made because my cell phone is CHUNKIER than most :) [its a verizon blizt].

GET YOUR OWN: Made of 100% cotton so it wont stretch... you can get one of these whimsical cozies for $8. If you have a unique sized phone like mine custom orders are no extra charge.

dreasimplesignature copy


  1. When you say "unique size", does that cover the honkin' huge ones from the early 90's?? Teehee, j/k. Those are adorable...LOVE the owl one.

  2. Thank You Andrea...I have two penguins I'll be listing soon.

  3. LOL she prob could handle that Kate ;-)


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