Wednesday, January 26, 2011

No more Hot Laps - The E-Stand

IMG_3114As a photographer I spend many hours at a time using my laptop.

When I process a wedding or portrait session I am bound to my recliner more often than not, editing away on my macbook pro laptop.

However, after about 30-45 minutes my laptop gets extremely hot. This is common for most laptops - and almost always I just put a pillow under it to keep the heat from my legs. However, this does nothing for the actual laptop, and the constant heat can kill a computer over time.

I discovered a perfect solution called the E-Stand. There are two versions to this product, I have the LD-09 and have really enjoyed it!

The E-Stand has everything covered.
From a convenient fold up design (allow it to come with you)

A detachable USB cord that connects from your laptop to the stand - providing air flow with a dual fan.

It provides adjustable legs - so the height can be adjusted to your specific needs.


You can also use the E-Stand "flat" - on a desk surface as well.

GET YOUR OWN: Not only does the E-Stand cover the obvious must, at helping with heat and cooling - but it also comes equip with a mouse area as well as a spot for your drink and pen/pencil. If you have a laptop and need a solution for using it on your lap, check into the E-Stand! It comes in a variety of colors as well.

A SIMPLE COUPON: If you use the coupon code "SIMPLE" at check out - you will save $10 off the E-Stand LD-09 (any color!) - this would make a great gift for any one you know who uses a laptop - maybe fathers day gift?? :-) - Coupon only good through Feb! so be sure to use it now.

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Next Success provided me with a black E-Stand to showcase and review on SIMPLE.

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  1. Thanks for the tip. Gonna head over there right away to grab the offer.


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