Saturday, February 5, 2011

Baby Lovey with AllyZabba

Your kids may have them too, those security blankets that they cannot sleep at night without.  The blankets you have to sneak to the washer when they get too dirty, and heaven forbid you ever forget them for a trip, sleepover or long car ride.

The newest addition to our beloved lovey collection is a TravelZabba from AllyZabba.  (At 16" x 14" the TravelZabba is just a miniature version of AllyZabba's regular sized 34" x 24" blankets.)

All AllyZabba blankets are handmade and come packaged in cute little gift bag.  I have to point out AllyZabba's return policy.  In my experience, companies don't offer guarantees like that unless they're serious about making sure their products live up to the standards and quality they promote.

Like the regular-sized AllyZabba, the TravelZabba has a raised plush fabric on one side and a silky satin backing on the other.  If you look closely at the Kiwi Pastel-Dot TravelZabba my daughter is holding to the right you can even see that there is a rosebud pattern in the plush side of the fabric.  I love that this add some texture to the blankets without detracting from how soft they are.

Speaking of which, both sides of our TravelZabba are so soft that I was wishing it was a bigger blanket so I could have one for myself and then I noticed their MegaZabba.  I wonder how long my active kids would sit still to snuggle if I had one of these? Hmmm.....   

WARNING: if you have more than one child in your home make sure to buy them each their own AllyZabba blanket.  My three year old is regularly stealing her baby sister's TravelZabba to snuggle with herself or to use for her dolls.  To avoid future meltdowns from either of them we may need to get big sister her own AllyZabba Gift Set with matching TravelZabba and regular-sized AllyZabba blankets. :)

GET YOUR OWN: Visit AllyZabba to purchase any of their wonderfully soft and silky blankets.  You can get your own TravelZabba for $24.95 or a regular-sized AllyZabba for $59.95. You can also check out the great Specials they have going on right now!

CARINNSIMPLESIGNATURE copy *I was provided the TravelZabba pictured above in order to conduct this review. The opinions provided really are my own.


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