Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowed In!

We wanted to wish you a "Happy Snow Day" because many of us have had just that! I know for those of us in Michigan, all the kids were home because schools were closed and we have had over 2.5 feet of snow. Kinda fun I think!

What did you do today? How was your weather? Someone please comment from Hawaii or something and say it is gorgeous! :)

We hope you all have had a great day as well. Sorry there was no new review up for you today, but stay tuned tomorrow for a new review and possible giveaway!!



  1. We're not from Hawaii... but we had weather in the 70's today... NOT normal for us!! But soooo nice:) Short sleeves, bike rides, and dirty toes.... a taste of a warm spring day!

  2. Um, Kelly. Totally jealous. :)


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