Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What Valentines Day looks like on me, in my dreams.

Last night my husband asked me what I wanted to do on Valentines Day. I mumbled that I had no clue. He asked if I would be able to find a babysitter, which I again mumbled, probably not.

After he went to bed, I started playing on Polyvore (while watching the Bachelor), and created the ultimate romantic date night outfit. I spent way too much time pretending I was going somewhere special, because sometimes it's just fun to dream.

For the purposes of this post, we must pretend a few things. Like that I have an unlimited budget and a rockin' hot body.
My fantasy dream date outfit looks like this:
if I had a babysitter

A silk dress, a cute leather hobo purse, and jewelry from my favorite fancy jewelry company. In my purse would be my most favorite lip balm, perfume, and probably my cell phone. And of course, no fantasy outfit is complete without a ridiculously indulgent pair of stilettos.

Totally practical for a mom of three little ones, right?

Got anything special up your sleeve(less) dress for Valentines Day? I would love to hear about them. Even if they are just daydreams.


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