Sunday, April 3, 2011

Baby Name Book {Bring Back Beatrice! :: Giveaway}

I am pregnant with baby #3, and am TOTALLY stumped on what to name this little guy. My other boys are named Mylo and Phinean, so obviously we aren't looking to add a "Bob" into the mix. Not that there's anything wrong with Bob, we just need another unique and special name.

The other day after a lull in the baby name conversation my husband said to me, "What are we going to name our baby?!" Then literally 5 minutes later this book Bring Back Beatrice! was in my mailbox. My husband and I have flipped though the pages of our current name book 100 times over, still to no avail. So I'm really excited about this cute yellow book...its sparking my creativity and I just know its gonna help us find the perfect name!
This isn't your typical name book. The title is a nod to all the traditional but underutilized names out there. In addition to traditional names that make excellent choices today, the book includes the most popular picks - with warnings they may be too popular - as well as trendy choices, quirky ideas, and other clever, interesting names. Not only does this book have a list of names with their meanings, it has side notes like "I'd love it if he sounded British", then lists several British sounding names. Or "Fictional Favorites", with names of characters we meet in books.

Bring Back Beatrice! is a fun, fresh way to find the perfect name for your little one. The amusing additions and side notes keep your interest and helps break up the monotony of just a list of names. You can purchase Bring Back Beatrice! by Jennifer Griffin for $10.95 from the Workman Publishing site.

We've got a copy of Bring Back Beatrice to give to one of our lucky SIMPLE readers! To enter, leave me a comment with your suggestion for what I should name my little boy. :)

Winner will be selected via and announced 4/9/11. Good luck!

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  2. How about Eli?

  3. Here are my votes ;)
    Simeon, Jonah, Jonas, Oliver (Oli), Jude, Thadeus (Thad)... Have fun picking names!

  4. I am all about unique names...our daughters are Destin & Arwen. When it came to naming our girls we crossed off certain letters, certain meanings, certain rhymes, nicknames, etc. So with that said, you could name baby #3 Atticus? J/K! When it comes to naming you baby - only you & your husband should have the honor :)

    melissaroach at comcast dot net

  5. Easton?
    Names are so hard! Good luck :)

  6. Maxton (Max), Liam, Samuel, Jonas, Graham

  7. how about Harris?

  8. I'm not good at names... maybe Henry?

  9. Oscar, Cyrus, Patrick, Leonard/Leo..oldies but goodies and not fad-like mgush107 at gmail dot com

  10. I soooo need this book! We are in the process of adopting and have no idea what to name our future child since we don't know it's gender or race yet.

    How about "Levi"?


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  12. i love the name Bram, but my husband has vetoed it.

    we're trying to choose unique, classic names for our little one! we won't know the gender until the day the bundle of joy comes out, so we have to choose 2 names! this is tough! i think this book might help!

  13. I just started reading but am intreeegued by your giveaways and I am a sucker for name things! :)

    so-callum('dove'), pax ('peace'),sullivan, tait ('cheerful') - anyhooo. that's my input!

  14. Man, Sarah beat me to "Oliver" :)

    ok another suggestion is August ;)
    (Hugs to Augie!)

  15. How about Wyatt?

    littleumbrella (at) wow (dot) com

  16. We had a problem picking out our daughters name and were in the hospital when she was named. But our son is named Calvin after Calvin and Hobbes so of course I like that.
    I do like the name Jasper though. Good Luck!

  17. how about Jamison or Jacobe?
    taraz9 at excite dot com

  18. How about Gage, Jonas, Truman, Shiloh, Finnley, Myer?

  19. Our boys are Dane and Tate and so far, no other classmates have had either name (1000+ kids at school, too). Best of luck to you both! kathy

  20. Congrats on #3! I love Riley, Peyton, Lawton, Finley, West, and Avery!

    jennifercausby at hotmail dot com

  21. Fred!

    pea at mail dot usf dot edu


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