Tuesday, March 1, 2011

WallCandy Arts - Stick on White Board.

Both my daughters preferred quite time activity is drawing. They drawing on paper, draw on old cardboard boxes, play with chalk on the sidewalk, and have even been known to unfortunately draw on my walls.

They love pens, pencils, crayons and markers. Of course they prefer Sharpies, and yes they are off limits.

Recently we installed a removable Stick On White Board at kid height in our mudroom, which is right off the kitchen. The whiteboard is from WallCandy Arts, and this interior designer is over the moon excited about it.

  • It's completely removable and reusable, without damage to your walls (which is awesome, because I'm thinking of relocating it to the basement someday.)
  • It's large enough (4 - 19" x 24" panels), so more than one kid can draw on it at once. Currently I have 4 little 3 year old girls drawing brightly colored rainbows all over it.
  • Works with any dry erase markers, I pick mine up at an office supply store.
  • And it was so easy to install, I installed it myself in like 5 minutes. Which says a whole lot.

My kids love it, I love it. The pictures they draw make me smile every time I walk by.

And really, why should kids have all the fun? The Stick On White Board ($58) would make a great tool to use in any home office or kitchen. I can totally see myself utilizing it for daily to-do list and must see reminders.

GET IT YOURSELF! The Stick on White Board by Wall Candy Art sells for $58. Sign up for their newsletter and receive a 10% off coupon!

*I received a stick on white board from Wall Candy Arts to facilitate this review.


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