Tuesday, May 24, 2011

ready2roll :: pregnancy pillow

I think all pregnant women, at one time or another, face the impossible task of...sleeping! Back during my first pregnancy, I was amazed at how tired I was and yet be wide awake in the wee hours of the morning. I'd spend what seemed like eternity trying to get comfortable with my big belly, tossing and turning, all the while disturbing my husband and causing both of us much frustration. At the advice of a friend, I finally discovered that sleeping in a recliner helped solved my dilemma. But I hated the commotion of dragging all my bedding into another room in the middle of the night and more importantly, I hated that fact that I would be sleeping in another room away from my husband or at least another two months.

My husband and I are now expecting baby #2 and as soon as I found out the good news, I knew a pregnancy pillow was on my "must-have" list. I was looking for something that provided moderate support for my belly and was compact enough to fit between my husband and I. Enter the Ready2Roll Pregnancy Pillow. This pillow is pretty much everything I need to get a good night's rest with my ever expanding belly! The design allows you to sleep in between its two support pillows so there is no need to transfer a pillow every time you turn over. There are adjustable ties so that you are able to increase the distance between the two pillows as your belly grows. I personally found the extra pillow to be extremely comfortable on my back as it provided even more support for my torso. And the best part is it's compact enough to give both partners enough room in bed.

Designed in Australia, the Ready2Roll Pregnancy Pillow is machine washable currently available in a stylish floral design in four colors - navy, mustard, burgundy and black.

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Ready2Roll Pregnancy Pillow :: $79.95

ANDREASIGNATURE*I was provided the Ready2Roll Pregnancy Pillow shown above to conduct this review using personal experience. The opinions expressed are my own.*


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