Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A Halloween TREAT 4 U!!!

With the arrival of fall comes along our annual October 31st observation of Halloween. How great is it when you get to see your children dress up as their favorite action hero or pretty pretty princess.

This year I had NO Doubt what Mason would be....

Spiderman . . .again. . .of course. This will be his THIRD (yes 3 years) Year in a row. He loves it. I actually remember a FEW times that he has wanted to wear it out shopping. Of course I let him.

My problem this year was Terri Jade.

I planned for her to wear Masons skunk costume from when he was 3. I remember how bad he hated it at first (he was soooo cute though). I think it scared him for life. Remember that part in 'A Christmas Story' when Ralphie had to wear the bunny suit his aunt sent him for Christmas? NOW I know why Mason is so content with his Spidey suit.

But upon suiting Terri up I realized that she was adorable it swallowed her. The poor thing has a hard time of walking as is. (*Back view*)


I found Danielle!!!! There it was... the perfect thing for my little shoe obsessed, hairclip seizing, pacifier snatching, mommy copying, wobbly walking, borderline vain, DIVA....

A TuTU!!!!! It was perfect. I was initially going to go with the lady bug print. It was red with a black under layer of tulle and it had big black dots. BUT....
I envisioned.....

Danielle has not only Tutus but also handbags/wallets/clutches , some knitting and she makes greeting cards! I love that she is very quick to ship. If you hurry you can get it well before Halloween! Take advantage of her Free Shipping!!

Be sure to mention
"bonus gift" in the "notes to seller" and she will send something extra!! ;-)

So go ahead and check out her stuff. If you want a specific colors I'm sure she can whip something up for you!

Posted by Elizabeth


  1. AWWW... SO CUTE!!!!

  2. At least Mason's skunk suit wasn't pink...he he...


  3. I love it:) Terri looks adorable!!

  4. That is darling! I ordered one in pink/purple/turquoise! I plan to use mine for birthday pics!

  5. Got my TUTU, it's gorgeous! Came in a huge box, bright pink tissue paper, darling decoration on the box, and my bonus was a 3pk handmade cards! Very much worth the price, can't beat free ship!


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