Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Having a Pastor as a husband I know very well the issues men can have with lint ;-).

Travis is FOREVER using a lint roller on his suits.
He keeps one in his office drawer at church ready to go...

But what about those times he may be traveling and doesnt have room for a large lint roller?

When I was introduced to the Lint-on-the-go sheets I knew he'd be able to use them.

He tested them and agrees this is a great product for those "on-the-go."

He said it worked great and plans on using them again when he travels... does a funeral, wedding, etc...

If your curious about the size...
These are 4 1/2 inches x 3 inches.
They can fit into your pocket, or purse.

Each package comes with 20 individual sheets.
Retail value is $12.99. Their made in the USA and are in the 2007 Emmy Bags.

If you want a package use the COUPON CODE: Dreablog
This will give you 10% off any purchase.


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