Thursday, October 11, 2007

Robeez from BabyBoatShop

Taite is now entering a time in his life where he now requires shoes :-)
The problem is finding shoes that actually stay on his feet!
Because he crawls 80% of the time when he isnt holding onto furniture... shoes dont exactly stay on well.

This has been a problem for us moms for generations!

If you havent seen them yet, here they are...


These shoes WONT fall off.
They have an elastic band built in that wraps around the back of the babies foot to keep it on. Works great! Not only that the shoes are soft and flexible...

I love all the fun and unique prints on these shoes. I decided on the Truck ones for Taite because he is constantly playing with trucks. Forget giving him baby rattles.. he prefers a car or truck any day. So it was the perfect shoe for our Burgers :-)

The BabyBoatShop has a larger variety of Robeez as well as many other baby products. We also own 2 pairs of See Kai Run shoes from them that we LOVE. Both are great shoes.

Get your own set of Robeez for $25.95 this includes your shipping and best of all NO TAX!
You wont find them any other place this price.

Posted by Drea


  1. I like the Robeeze.. I haven't ever gotten any because Landen has HUGE feet.. we have to buy the special XX wide at Stride Rite, it stinks. However I'm hoping Amelia won't be that way! I may have to just go check these out, this is a deal and Amelia would look so cute in shoes. =)

  2. We just got Tiger a pair of Stride Rite shoes with the tread on the toes. He keeps taking them off. GRRR I saw those in the store and loved them. I think that the Robeez will be better! Thanks for sharing the great deal!

  3. Great Canadian invention!! I love my kids Robeez. We have a local baby store that sells them even cheaper than that all the time. Apparantly the supplier keeps telling her to mark the price up, but she won't!

  4. I love how cute Robeez are. Makes you want to eat your babies toes even more.

    I haven't ever tried Robeez just a few other brands of soft soled shoes.

    I would love to win a pair.

  5. These are great! Leah had pink ones with butterflies, and teal ones with birdies!

  6. ok. I just reread the post and now feel silly that I thought it was a giveaway. I do love soft soled shoes and look forward to buying a pair for my nieces. I don't think they go up big enough for my 3 year old niece. I know she would love them if they did though.

  7. We love Robeez! My son has had quite a few pairs and they are awesome - he walks and runs so well because his little feet could feel the ground underneath them and his little toes learnt how to grip as a result.


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