Sunday, December 23, 2007

Dove Campaign 4 Self Esteem!

As a teenager I never had very good self-esteem. I remember seeing all these women on TV with these beautiful clothes... amazing hair, flawless skin and perfect bodies... here I was a chubby teen with no style AT ALL... and I hated almost everything about my looks at that time. I remember one of the only things I really liked about myself as a teen was the color of my skin. I thought it was really pretty (except for my eczema).... besides that though I was forever comparing myself to the girls at school and on TV/magazines.

During my high school days I actually STARVED myself to drop about 10 pounds so Id never have anyone call me "chubby" again. I was so miserable...

I cant stand how the media makes our children/teens and even some grown women so discontent. Its so fake!

I walk by these magazine racks at the stores and see these women who look so perfect... but you know its not real... they photoshop so much and put so many filters, light affects and make up on these women that its not REAL BEAUTY.

I believe we should focus on real beauty... We are all beautiful women in our own ways.. we may not have the perfect size 3 figure and niptucked hips or belly... but we are fearfully and wonderfully made! We are exactly the way the Lord intended us to look.

Be confident in who you are!
The photo I took of myself in the 100% real beauty Dove shirt to me looks so much more REAL than those magazine girls. You can see my skin isnt flawless.. you can see my hair isnt perfectly placed... and my teeth are far from pearly white :-) but I am REAL!

Check out the video below called Evolution. Its amazing! If you have any girls in your family show this to them!

The Dove Self-Esteem Fund (DSEF) was established to help raise self-esteem of young girls and women. To help make them feel more beautiful and confident every day.

This is a global project. In each country the DSEF supports a specific charity organized to help foster self-esteem.

The DSEF wants to reach 5 million young women by the end of 2010.

They invited me about 1 month ago along with many other women to make that possible.

We need to put a stop to all these girls who develop this low self-esteem from hang-ups over their looks. DSEF wants to help educate and inspire girls and teach them the real definition of beauty.

You can learn more at the Reality Dairies! :-)

(If the video didnt load you can view it on youtube HERE!)

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