Wednesday, March 5, 2008 - Thanko Silent Mouse

My work station (aka computer) is located right outside my 3 year olds bedroom. Like a lot of toddlers Caleb is a very light sleeper... and because of it my mouse 'clicking' keeps him up during naps and bed time.

I was fed up with it after trying to finish up a template job and trying to be quiet... yet nothing seemed to work.

The search was on ... I needed a great SILENT mouse.

Dynamism was my answer.

They not only had what I wanted... the Thanko Silent Mouse... but they also carry a wide variety of electronic products.

The Thanko Silent mouse looks like any mouse... but the clicking and the center scrolling button are silent. I seriously cant hear it at all.

The only thing I didnt like about the mouse was that it was smaller than my original one. I dont think its a bad size... but you sort of have to get use to the new size the 1st week or so.

If you want something that works well though and wont wake up your child or husband...
check out the THANKO Silent Mouse at Dynamism!


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