Monday, March 10, 2008

KangarooBoo Winner - Important 411

Congrats to Scottie, Christy & Micah! you won the wonderful Animal upon Animal Haba Set from Kangaroo Boo!

We had a total of 167 comments.

Great giveaway! Thank you Kangaroo Boo! Also dont forget you can use the coupon code DWSR5 for 5% off your purchase on their site. They got a great selection! Check out the Haba Kitchen Toys.. they are SO CUTE! and affordable.

I do have some important 411 for everyone though...

If you enter any of our giveaways please read the information below...
We will be posting A LOT of giveaways and need you all to help us out with someone.

When you comment... please do the following...

1. ONLY LEAVE 1 comment. If you make a mistake on a previous comment please erase that 1st comment and re-write the new one. Other wise it shows more comments than there actually is...

2. In your comment if you blog about the giveaway and would like to be entered TWICE you have to state this in your comment. With 150 plus comments on a post its very time consuming for me to check every ones blog on my own... it takes A LOT of time.. and its time I don't have :-)

SO PLEASE... if you would like to be counted twice mention in your comment "I blogged about this!" .. or something like that. This saves us so much time.. We are trusting that you will be honest ...

Because of all the comments... if you dont let us know this we cant count you twice...

I hope that makes sense :-)

3. If you dont have a blog please leave your email address... I give people about 2 weeks to respond after winning a giveaway... if you do not reply to my email or get to us on our blog we have to draw a new winner...

Right now I am still waiting on the sleepy wrap winner (sponsored by ATB) to get back to me... 1 more week... if she doesnt reply I will be forced to pick a new winner...

PHEW! Ok that handles all the business :-)

Dont forget to sign up for the FOUR PEAS giveaway.. it ends this week...
We also have a $100.00 shopping spree giveaway going on hosted by Baby Scholars.

Thanks everyone!

Posted by Drea


  1. I am so excited to be getting this great block set! My son loves to play with blocks and this will be a great addition. Do I just need to email my contact info to you?

  2. hey yup i emailed u (well commented on ur blog)

    my email is FinaDrea[at]gmail[dot]com

  3. YEAH! Congrats to my friend Christy! I'm jealous she won one! hehe


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