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About 3 months ago I got the wonderful opportunity to try a handful of products by a company called Beeyoutiful. I heard about this company before reviewing for them through our fellow review mama Lis. She introduced me to one of their best sellers "SUPER MOMS."

I of course will share my thoughts on those later ;-)

This review though is about a product they offer called ULTRA IMMUNE.

With all the colds floating around 3 months ago (and today) I was all for something that would help out.

Here's the quickie version of what Ultra Immune does...

Ultra Immune was created to help support a healthy immune function.

Its a very POTENT formula.
Filled with things such as Elderberry and Olive Leaf Extracts.
It also has something in it called Allicin from garlic. Allicin is becoming very popular as a way to promote overall wellness.

If you want to read more about ULTRA Immune CLICK HERE. I figured they'd do a lot better at explaining it than I would :-)

Here are my thoughts..

Since using this product Ive noticed I seem to avoid sickness better.

I remember one time specifically that I started to feel "fever-ish" and took an ultra immune... the next day I was fine.

Im not going to make a statement though saying this pill can keep you from getting sick all year... cause im sure it cant. But I do believe that it does good and can help your bodies.

Also to those with some allergies..
This supplement...

Contains NO sugar, salt, starch, yeast, wheat, gluten, milk, egg or preservatives.

Use the coupon code PR308AW to get 10% off your purchases. This does not apply to books or packaged deals.

*I will be posting reviews for this company the rest of the week. I got lots to share! and at the end of the reviews we have a giveaway to host for them! So check back daily for more goodness!*

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