Thursday, May 15, 2008

'Mi-Bag' by ID-A Designs

How many of you have this problem?

New Gym bag - $5

WHO wants to carry that to the gym? or on the opposite end of that "ugly oversized bag dilemma" how about carrying a circus on your shoulder?

My option is to grab 'Mi-Bag' by ID-A Designs!!

With four designs (Cat, Birds, Elephant, and Zebra), you're sure to find the right Mi-Bag for YOUR everyday on the run bag!

Do you want to know my typical Sunday?

I'll set the stage....

One busy busy mamma...

two hungry/sleepy/or wired (depending on the day) kids....

getting home from a busy morning (church)....

after hauling in the children all thats left is....

[...]sons bible bag, sons transformers/action figures and or hot wheels (whatever he managed to smuggle into the car), moms bible, moms purse, daughters diaper bag, sippy cup and baby doll....
looks alot like.....

WHAT TO DO? Make 2 or 3 more trips in and out?


I grab 'Mi Bag' toss everything in there and throw it over my shoulder! (IT ALL FITS!)

This one bag has made my life that much easier. I never thought about keeping an extra bag in the car to grab all the extras. There is NO WAY a plastic bag would hold a 1/3 of this stuff.

Bag Size: W 18" x H 23" x D 7"
Pocket Size: W 6" x H 7"
Capacity: 22lbs (I believe it!)

Mi-Bag holds a lot more than a regular plastic bag, but it can also fold into a small built-in pocket, so you can take it anywhere. Perfect for grocery shopping~!

JUST LIKE THEIR SITE SAYS... the prefect purse companion for those outings when you might bring home more than you expected

The Mi-Bag is made of 100% nylon rip-stop body with a double-layered handle design for your most rigorous activities (holds up to 10kg or 22lbs). Plus, the shiny smooth satin rim handle will fit on your shoulder comfortably.

Simple Reader please enjoy a 20% discount from ID-A designs!
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[Mason and Terris babbling Mama]


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