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1st off some may wonder, what does SIMPLE stand for? well...



Now for alittle background on how SIMPLE was established:

"SIMPLE was established back in 2007, by our review mom, Drea. SIMPLE was established as a way to treat her boys but then soon transformed into a way to inform other moms about interesting and unique products. SIMPLE then grew larger with the help of the other moms. Without all of us, SIMPLE would not run. SIMPLE is truly unique and simply put... SIMPLE is One of a Kind."

Starting Jan. 2009, Drea has decided to take some time away to relax and SIMPLE has been handed over to Jaime. Drea has spent alot of time and effort getting SIMPLE started. Jaime is very excited to be in this position on SIMPLE.

*NOTE TO COMPANIES... When you email us please only email ONE mom. We have had complications where companies email all of the simple moms... resulting in companies getting confused as well as the moms. If you would like for a particular mom to review for you... just email that specific mom.

jaimepottName: Jaime
Kids: Ethan Alan (November 2006), Macy Elizabeth (August 2010)
Location: Michigan
Age: 32
Occupation: Full-time Mom, Professional Photographer, Medical Assitant (part-time)
Blog: htto://

Brief 411 to sum it all up:

I am a mom that loves to find eco-friendly and organic products for other moms to enjoy. I love life. I cherish my son and daughter. I love photography and design.


Name: Emily

Kids: 2 Daughters, PK (5), Birdie (2) & Gage (4 months)

Location: Indiana

Age: 31

Occupation: Corporate Interior Designer (part time), Full time SAHM

Brief 411 to sum it all up:

Married for 8 years to my best friend, I've been a Corporate Interior Designer now for almost 7 years, but more importantly a full time mom to my three little kiddos now for over 5 years. I've a sucker for all things beautiful, from home decor to accessories to meals that melt in your mouth. When I'm not spending my free time on the computer, I love exploring our urban neighborhood with my kids, cooking fantastic meals, or searching antique stores and thrift shops for the next diamond in the rough.

4752633412_dc58dbeb9e_zName: Andrea, Drea for short.
Kids: Caleb (6), Taite (3), Owen (under 1)

Location: The South yet still a City Girl
Age: 27
Occupation: SAHM, Professional Photographer
E-mail: Drea.Simple[at]gmail[dot]com

Brief 411 to sum it all up:

In between being a busy wife to a husband (Travis) of 7 years now (who is also a Baptist Pastor), I am also a very active SAHM. I adore staying home with my boys and feel very blessed that I can do it and work at home; doing a job I love as well ( With any left over spare time I enjoy just taking it easy... taking a nap with my boys... watching a TV show (love love love fashion shows or anything with super heroes!). I am very much into natural living as well and love eco-friendly products (that dont break my wallet!).

kellyName: Kelly
Kids: Anna (5), Chris (4), Lydia (3), Nate (Under 1)

Location: NC

Age: 30

Occupation: Stay-at-home, Homeschooling mom and pastor's wife

Brief 411 that sums it up:

I am a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom and young pastor's wife navigating through the toddler and school years with my little ones. My sanity has remained (sort of) due to much prayer to my Heavenly Father, a sensible husband, good friends, reading and blogging :-) Reviewing products with SIMPLE has given me an opportunity to discover and work with some great companies! I am soo amazed at all the great items that have been created that allow me to be a better wife, mother and teacher ! While I am pretty open to trying any "new-to-me" products, I really enjoying reviewing educational items (got plenty of little hands & opinions to help), baby items (for the new guy in May), kitchen helps (in there a lot with our food allergies) and fun mommy items.

kateboardName: Kate
Kids: Mylo (2), Phin (1)
Location: Midwest
Age: 30
Occupation: SAHM, seamstress
E-mail: Kate4.simple[at]gmail[dot]com
Brief 411 that sums it all up:
I am living my dream life as a mom and wife. Besides spending way too much time on the computer, I love to play piano, sew, cook, create things and be artsy. I love talking to and encouraging new moms in any way I can to help make life a bit easier. I'm all about breastfeeding, babywearing and raising my kids to feel nurtured, loved, special, unique, important and like the true blessings they are to our family and this world!

alieshasimplepicName: Aliesha
Kids: Vera (under 1)
Location: Eastern North Carolina
Age: 23
Occupation: Full-time SAHM, pastor's wife

Brief 411 to sum it all up:
My husband (a youth pastor) and I were married in October 2009. I enjoy reading, blogging, cooking, decorating, and showing hospitality. If I had a totally free day, I would prefer to spend it hunting down unique finds at thrift stores or reading a good book at a coffee shop with my husband and daughter. I am new to SIMPLE and would love to review books, home decorating items, kitchen wares, great fashions, natural products, and baby/mommy items.


Name: Shannon
Kids: Lilianna Marie (Born 2006) and Adalynn Grace (Born 2009)
Location: The "mitten" state
Age: 30
Occupation: SAHM / Photographer / You Name It I Do it!
E-mail: shannon.simple[at]
Brief 411 that sums it all up:
I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister and granddaughter. I have been married to my soul mate, Michael, since August 2001. God has blessed us with two beautiful girls. Lilianna Marie was born in April of '06 and Adalynn Grace was born in May of '09. Since becoming a mother I now see life completely different through a new set of eyes. They are my everything! I am a laid back person although I do like my things in order. I went to college for photography but upon graduation went off into corporate America to pursue a career in commercial real estate. Upon having my first daughter I became a stay at home wife and mother...there isn’t a more rewarding job in the world! I love to shop, travel and spend time with my loved ones. I am training for my first Marathon in October 2010. I love to review anything fitness related, books, crafts, movies (LOVE!) fashion!, all natural...anything fun!

Name: Carinn
Kids: Michaela Rose (3) and Dani Ruth (under 1)
Location: Michigan
Age: 30
Occupation: Mom!
E-mail: carinn.simple[at]
Brief 411 that sums it all up:
I have been married to my best friend for 7 years now and we have been blessed with two beautiful girls who I have been able to stay home with. Our eldest, Michaela Rose, was born in October of `07 and Dani Ruth joined us in February of `10. Both girls are very active and try their best to keep me on my toes all day long, while making me smile every step of the way. Housework, laundry, cooking and I have a love/hate relationship. I love the results, but hate the actual processes to obtain said results. When I have free time for myself (and let’s face it, as a mom of young children that isn’t very often) I like to read and attempt to do crafty projects. I’m also a bit of a night owl and will frequently use that time at night to catch up on the computer or watch a movie.


  1. how wonderful!! i was linked to this blog by Crystal from JaJoC diapers when i asked for some reviews of hers, and i now have you bookmarked! i'll be checking in daily!!

  2. Hi all! Nice to finally see who I am reading everyday. No.. no one should feel left out, you are on my daily "circuit". Yes.. I need a life.. thanks for noticing!

    Hey.. how come no Sunday lady? Perhaps you should look into a "hunt" for one!

  3. How nice to meet you all! Simple isn't so 'simple' anymore! I can't wait to see what you will be reviewing.

  4. I'm new to this blog, but I wondered if y'all knew about I don't even have kids yet and I'm hooked. I check it all the time.

  5. this page won't load for me. some of the pics freeze. just letting u know!

  6. Lilith,
    we do post on sundays sometimes.. but that is a day we leave open for extra reviews a mom may have or for our saturday ladies to do :-)

    I have heard of mamabargins :-)
    glad you came to visit!

    not sure why it wont load.. :-\

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  8. Hey shelley,
    yea I dunno. I loaded to with my moms computer, worked fine. I also had another friend in another town try it.. worked fine.. So I dont get it -:-\

  9. Hi!
    I was just curious as to how I could possibly review some products. Are you hiring at all?

  10. The website is great! Always insightful reviews. Thanks a lot for having a great site



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