Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cleaning up our Pets too

Awhile back I wrote a review about a cat litter box. Now I'll admit it may not be something you'd drool over owning, but that's just cause you haven't used it yet.

I thought I would write a bit more about it now that I have been using it for months (or rather our well loved cat has) and because I will be fostering some other kitties from our local animal shelter soon and that got me thinking about some cat necessities.

The litter that this box is made for is called Feline Pine, an all natural 100% recycled pine litter. I love this litter, there are many other alternatives to the traditional clay litter, this is just the one I fell for.

I can get a 7lbs bag of feline pine at my local grocery store for $3.69. 7lbs may not seem like a lot in litter weight but because you use so much less of it, one bag will last approximately 4 weeks. Not bad...but coupled with the feline pine litter box my bag lasted about TEN weeks, that's a little over 5 cents a day for litter, and it's better for your home and cat.

Buy it: You can order the litter box for $18.49 directly from the company.



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