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honest baby - REVIEW AND GIVEAWAY!

celebrating the imperfect journey of parenting
honest baby was founded by a mom, frustrated with the myth of perfect parenting. You know we always want to be right when it comes to raising our children. But what is right?
I am always second guessing if I am doing something 'right' for Ethan. I think what is right is...what is right for your family.
When I stumbled upon this site, and saw what it was about, I read the many titles/quotes that can be put on shirts. And they are just too cute and true. And I couldn't resist the 10th percentile but still growing because that is so Ethan. He has always been in the 10th percentile of his weight.

BUY IT: 10th percentile but still growing lap tee
$28, there are many other sayings, one that my husband liked was 'i'm not a performing monkey'.
They come in long sleeve or short sleeve lap tees.
Sizes Newborn thru 6 years.

WIN IT: honest baby would like to hold a contest to win one of these lap tees. What you need to do is leave a comment here telling us what your most 'imperfect parent' moment was, and they will decide a winner on June 27th. How fun is this going to be.....I can't wait to read the comments.

I guess I'll start the first one: My most imperfect moment would be, well there are many, lol, but I guess when I gave my son a bottle in the car and propped it up with a blanket. (They always say to hold your baby when feeding him/her.) What can ya do the baby was screaming. I know it isn't the best, but it will give you a start. So have fun with this......Start commenting!!!


  1. When my older child was a toddler he was being very fussy early in the morning and I was short on patience. He was still a very enthusiastic nurser and I snapped at him, "Do you want me to just stick a boob in your mouth?" The tearful response: "Yes...."

  2. Okay, so don't we all have moments like this? I'm going to add the most recent thing that I did. I was in a hurry, both my kids were upset. I put my son in his car seat, get him buckled, get my daughter in, buckle her in. We're on our way home, about two blocks from the house, someone pulls out in front of me. My son goes flying into the back of my seat. Somehow I didn't get the seat belt buckled correctly. To make it worse I got mad at him because I thought he had un buckled it, but I know he didn't because being a mom you can tell when your kid does or doesn't do something. I felt horrible for yelling, horrible for putting my kid in danger. So that's the latest imperfect moment I've had. =)

  3. My most imperfect moment?


    Ok.. here it is. My fourth child was going on a walk about 2 months old with her father and I. We put her in the stroller and I went to go and get some stuff from the house.

    The one thing I forgot to do was tell the first time father to strap her into the stroller, and more importantly, don't take the baby down the stairs, pointing the stroller down.

    I came out of the house just as she slipped out of the front of the stroller and down the 4 steps. I screamed and ran to her, scooped up the poor terrified and screaming little girl.

    That is my imperfect parent moment (one of many, I have six kids, I've got a list)

    If I had a shirt named after me.. It would say..

    "Retraints, not just for the looney bin" and it would have a stroller on it with a baby dangling from it :)

    Cute giveaway

  4. most imperfect moment? Well, one of them would be leaving my son...who was playing very nicely and was thoroughly entertained with what he was doing (or so I thought!) outside for a few seconds while I ran downstairs to grab a load of wash out of the dryer to hang up outside. I came back outside and he was not in backyard anymore...and was heading down the driveway for the street. Yeah...not cool!! That's the last time I'll do that!

  5. I think it would be feeding. Every time I am trying to feed that's always a mess not just on me but him too. son just wanted to eat by himself. What's more? He will be pooing same time and showing the impression that its coming.. ooo.. daddy..will be running away.. let mom do the dirty job. Anyway no whining or complain he's still young just a toddler.

  6. Oh my, seems my parenting life is a continual stream of imperfections! Does my toddler eating food she finds off the floor on a regular basis count? ;)

  7. My daughter stays up way too late. I always feel guilty about it.

  8. when my son was 9 months old i grabbed a bottle on the counter that i just made and gave it to him. he took one sip and spit it out. i realized that i grabbed the wrong bottle on the counter. i accidently gave him the old milk from the night before. i quickly dumped it out. i felt so bad b/c it was so foul.

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  10. This one still makes my heart sink. When my son was one week old, I was nursing - and needed to throw a lasagne in the oven. I had him propped up on a couple pillows and left him in the living room. As I fought with the plastic wrap on the package I heard a loud 'thud' and it was my baby who had gotten some momentum off the pillows right onto the floor. I cried for 2 hours straight. Felt like an awful mom! Glad to say that he is totally fine and 7 months old now.

  11. Where to begin? My latest was leaving the door open into our entryway so that my ten month old could crawl through it and fall down the four steps to the bottom. She hit the bridge of her nose on a metal strip and got a bloody nose and a big goose egg on it. We both shed some tears on that one.

  12. The latest "imperfect" moment was a few nights ago when my husband wasn't home and the boys were hungry. I couldn't get up and cook for them so I just told them they could have all the left over cupcakes from the birthday party. I think it was 2 each. Good healthy dinner! :)


  13. This would defintely have to be when my husband and I were giving my son Boston his first bath. We wanted it to be perfect! We had the video camera out we were all ready. We put Boston in the tub and as new parents didn't put enough decided to add more. Well, the wonderful hubby must have accidentally hit the shower and water sprayed our little one right in the face!! He was screaming!! To top it off I couldn't find the towel I was looking for and used a bright pink towel....something I am sure I will have to explain to him later!!

  14. I gave my daughter a sparkler last Fourth of July thinking she would have fun. But even with all my warnings to just hold here and not touch anywhere else, she went right for the tip of the sparkler and burned her finger. I felt so bad and I think it will be a long time before I buy sparklers again.kristie2 (at)

  15. I was at the store rushing to get items for my Thanksgiving dinner. I was checking out and the baby (2 months old) started to cry. My oldest and 2nd sonwas horsing around and I said to them ,"give the baby his bottle" as I was paying the bill. Well,messing with the bottle ,the top came off and the baby had a bath with milk. I had to wrap the baby in my coat because it was cold outside. I couldn't wait to get home!!

  16. Well I'm glad to see by the other comments that I'm at least not the only mom that's let this happen. My most imperfect moment was when my older daughter fell off my bed at about 6 months old when I looked away to put my shirt on. She's fine thank goodness but who knew how fast they could move so young!

  17. I probably should not repeat these out loud.... Once when my 2nd was about a month old, we went to the bank. He fell asleep in the car in his car seat on the way. When I got to the bank, I forgot he was with me, and went into the bank! In the bank I saw a friend, and she was like How is the baby? I screamed and ran out to the car, to find him still fast asleep. Yeesh! my disclaimer is that it was very mild weather, and it was only for a couple minutes... so don't report me LOL... My wonderful husband told his mother and she has never let me forget it, not even after 7 1/2 years.

    I also once when he was 8 months old forgot to strap him into the stroller and he slipped out of the seat and I ran him over. We were on vacation at the leaning tower of Pisa and some Italian grandmothers gave me disapproving head shakes.

  18. I decided to add my dh's worst moments too! LOL... He has issues with water. When ds2 was a baby, he drew him a bath and then put him in it.. it was too deep but he just plopped him in and his went under the water. I stood there for a second stunned and then grabbed him out. when I asked him what the heck he was thinking he told me he read that babies can breathe under water!!

    Fast forward 7 years.. we were in a hotel pool and my dh came up to my son and tossed him into the deep end. I started screaming that he can't swim, so dh jumped in and pulled him up. He had his phone in his pocket!! I guess that's payback for tossing the boy into the water LOL (in his defense, he really did not know that ds could not swim because he works away from the family for long stretches of time.)

  19. Garrett was 10 days old & I took him to the mall with my sister. I took him out of his car seat to feed him & put him back in when I was done. I covered him up & went on with our shopping. After I took the car seat out of the stroller & put him back in the car. About 10 miles down the freeway I realized that although he was buckled into the car, he wasn't actually buckled into his car seat. I never buckled his straps. I freaked out and cut off a car who got mad & wouldn't let me exit the freeway. I was hysterical. I finally got off, pulled over & found him safe & asleep in his car seat. I never covered him with a blanket again until he was strapped in first. Scary in OC traffic.


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