Sunday, June 29, 2008

HUGGIES™ Little Swimmers™ Line


With summer in full bloom here we spend 80% of our days outside in our pool. No really... we do. Thats one reason why I invested in a canopy to help block my children from the sun. They were outside so much it concerned us.

Even with a great canopy though our boys are constantly getting sun. Our yard has little to now shade. With 95 plus degree weather and a strong sun, I needed sunscreen for my children.

I never knew Huggies had a line of sun screen. I am so glad I do now. With the HUGGIES™ Little Swimmers™ Sun Care Lotions I actually enjoy the lathering up part. Where as before I dreaded the greasy feeling... and smell of most traditional childrens sun screen.

The Sun Care Lotions by Huggies have the creamiest feel to them. I assure you they dont leave your hands nasty! I also was pleasantly surprised by the smell... I was sent an unscented version as well as a melon version. Both of them are fantastic! Calebs favorite though was the squirt bottle kind. He got such a kick out of spraying it on his brother.

Plus, their lotions have the highest rating from the FDA, Very Water Resistant, means they maintain sun protection for at least 80 minutes in the water.

His diaper isnt poopie :-)Huggies is more famously known for the ever so popular Little Swimmers®. I have used these for years now... and have always been pleased. Im not sure Huggies wants me to say this... but I must share this tip from our fellow review mom Kelly. If you want to conserve these Huggies you can... We use atleast two a day on a hot day... One in the morning... one in the afternoon. So a pack of these would go by quick in our home if we just tossed them after one use.

Heres a tip... Wash them!! You seriously can put them into your washing machine w/ regular clothes... and then hang them outside to dry. They work just like new the next time. We have done this severeal times and have had no issues. I even put one in the dryer.

So to those eco-mamas like myself... this is a fantastic product :-)

As you can see from Christopher modeling to the left (Kellys middle child). He went through the pool, sand box and then playground without any problems. That swimmy even held a whopper later that evening, HAH!

Huggies also has a new HUGGIES™ Little Swimmers™ Sun Sensors. I used these this past weekend at the beach. It was so nice being able to glance over at my childrens sensor. I never worried about them getting TO much direct sun. Little Swimmers™ Sun Sensors help avoid sunburn before it stops the fun. They start out yellow and turn deep orange when exposed to the sun’s harmful UVB rays – the radiation that causes sunburn. You can apply them to the childs clothing or skin. I put sun screen on before putting them on... and they stayed on just fine after letting the sun screen dry a bit.

I even used them on my 3 1/2 year old :-) He liked the Octopus design best.

*look closely on his right shoulder*

Buy It: You can purchase the HUGGIES™ Little Swimmers™ almost anywhere. I found these products at our local Rite Aid and Walmart. You can also buy online...

Coupon: Feel free to download the Huggies coupon online.

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  1. I’ve always been a Pampers fan but I absolutely love the Huggies Little Swimmers! What a great tip about reusing them too…I was thinking that I’d have to limit their days in the pool :) I can’t wait to start saving swim diapers!

  2. i love huggies lotion & body wash. it definitely smells the best!

  3. Could you post the ingredients? I'd like to check out what's in the sunscreen at the Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database.

  4. I am so excited that you shared the tip to reuse them!! They are pretty expensive so anywhere I can save a buck or two I appreciate. Thanks!!!

  5. I'm so excited about the re-using of the Swimmers...I've used them for both my kids, and never knew....You can guarantee I'll be using that idea now, so thanks for writing about it!!!!

  6. Hi ladies....I've had your button on my sidebar since you started Simple.....but I will sign the Mr. Linky again just in case!!!! Not sure if that applies to everyone, or not :-) Thanks!

  7. Hello, What a fun summer giveaway contest! I would appreciate being entered in your drawing. Many thanks,

  8. dont know if Im doing this right or not,do I post here an email too,anyway,ive got a 6 month old grandson an a week old grandaughter an another grandbaby on the way so yeah I could use this,thanks

  9. I love Huggies brand, their products are great. Thanks for such a wonderful giveaway!


  10. Daughter uses Little Swimmers all the time. She has a 2yr old and twins 10 month olds. She could put these to good use. Thanks.

  11. I really love those Huggies Little Swimmers. What a great prize pack. Thank you so much!

  12. WOW! I use this all the time, nice to know they can be recycled!

  13. Yeah, I knew about reusing the swim diapers. It's great! We are frequent users of the Huggies swim line. However, I have never used the stickers for sun exposure, I'd love to try them.


  14. First time visitor to your it!!

  15. I never would of thought of putting swimmers in the wash. Great tip!

  16. I LOVE little swimmers! No more exploding diapers, and lets face it, no one wants the baby to go commando in the pool with them!

  17. Everything I would for a day at the beach,little swimmers are the best and I know the kids feel good too. Count me in to win


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