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Jig-A-Loo is similar to WD-40, which has always been known as the premiere household lubricant. After Jig-a-loo made its U.S. debut in 2007 it definitely stepped up the competition. Unlike WD-40, Jig-a-loo repels water, known as a “lubripellent”, and has hundreds of uses around the home, office, and garden. Jig-A-Loo contains NO oil, grease, wax, or detergent – meaning it doesn’t stain! A great use for Jig-a-loo is “un-sticking” stuck zippers – and it’s okay to spray it right on the fabric without staining. I tried this, though very cautious of my skirt zipper being so close to the fabric. Luckily I DID miss and spray some on my navy skirt only to let it air dry for a few minutes and NO stain was left. YAY! My zipper now works like a charm.

Another great use was having the travel size Jig-A-Loo on hand in my car, when I noticed that one of the kids had lost a piece of gum in between the seats while vacuuming I decided to give it a shot. No pun intended. So out comes the spray and after only a few tugs and few squirts . . .POOF....gone! (with no messy greasy residue!)

My dad thought it was hilarious when I pulled out my travel size bottle to spray his screen door where it was squeaking in the hinges. A couple squirts took care of that in a jiffy.

A few other practical uses:


  • Keeps your doors, windows, drawers, locks, clotheslines, curtain rods, window shutters, chairs, rocking chairs, ventilation fans, and hide-a-bed mechanisms running smoothly.
  • Lubricates stubborn screws and bolts, garage door runners, snow blower and lawn mower wheels and parts, bike chains, swing sets...
  • Spray on trash can lids to prevent messes from sticking
  • Prevents candles from sticking to their holders so they slide out easier
Stops Squeaks
Repels Water
  • Spray it on boots, shoes, hats, overcoats, and jackets to keep your whole family dry.
Fights Rust and Ice
  • Protects against oxidization on aluminum window frames and against rust on plumbing materials.
  • Safeguards your garden tools, lawn mowers and chainsaws, garden fountain, pond ornaments and pool furniture from corrosion and freezing.
  • Prevents rust on beach chairs and patio chairs
  • Prevents resin buildup on clippers, pruners and more.
  • Shines leaves on artificial plants (saves time on dusting)
  • Visit to find even more uses for the home and garden.

    Jig-a-loo is also popular in the DIY/Craft communities keeping sewing needles from rusting, helping to open stuck paint can lids, helping to easily remove stencils from sticking to dried paint, keeping glue from sticking on craft tables, work benches, etc.

Buy It:
It’s currently for sale at Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Pep Boys, True Value, Ingles and Keystone and costs between $6.50 & $7.00 per can.

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