Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Photo Tip

Rebecca is out of town this week.. so I am filling in for her review day. Because Ive been super busy with photoshoots, I dont have a product review to show... but I thought Id give a few photo tips!

Today I tried to photograph my two boys. I have dozens of photographs of them... but none of them are really posed pictures. I mostly just do snap shots of them. While snap shots are beautiful and natural... its still not the same as a photo taken in a professional session.

So today I attempted to capture some... and failed... but thankfully got a few great shots.
One being..


Both boys leaning in for a kiss.. such a sweet second captured on camera. I love the color contrast between the boys.. the shirts.. the fair skin/dark skin.. dark hair/light hair. I even love the blue paint coming in on the right side.

Who would of thought seconds after this photo was taken we had a total Caleb melt down ;-)

Taking photographs of my kids is fun.. but I tell you its harder than any client. I have to look into getting a friend to photograph my kids for me. :-) cause it was so so stressful.

Photo tips for the day..

1. Off center the photograph! Its a lil' known fact that if a photo is completely centered it can give the photograph that "normal" look... as well as make the photograph not as unique and comfortable. Not sure why but off centering works!

2. When you look at a picture you want to take... make sure theres a focal point. If you want your kids to stand out they should be that focal point. When you look at the picture they should be the 1st thing to stand out to you. If they arent.. it didnt work.

3. Use an editing program like photoshop! Even with expensive cameras you can still benefit from editing. If you cant afford photoshop try PICASA 2! its FREE!! Just google "Picasa"

4. Find unique locations close to home. This was taken 2 miles from our home. In an ally downtown. Rustic chipped paint may not be beautiful from far away.. but up close with a baby in front of it WORKS!


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  1. Great tips! I can't wait to get some NEW family pictures....HINT HINT!! lol. KIDDING I got my hair done today and I hate it. :-( Not Mandies fault but mine. :-( HAAATE IT!!!!!


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