Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cool Bug Stuff - Bug House Keeper

The Bug House Keeper is a fun way to view bugs with your child. My daughter has loved looking at bugs in it. She doesn't care to touch them so it has been very nice having somewhere she can look at them. It has a mesh back to provide enough air and the plastic lid magnifies the bugs which makes it easy and fun for the little ones.

Cool Bug Stuff has many items for bug lovers. The Bug House Keeper is only $5.99 and came packaged very nicely. My daughter opened the box to find a little ladybug toy glued to the flap of the box. It also came with a big sticker, fun tattoos, and a book mark. It has a nice viewing area where the bug can't hide from the viewer. It also has a strap to carry it however this product is not meant to be carried around all over. It is just meant to view the bugs. The plastic cover is very loose which causes it to fall out if my daughter carries it around from room to room.

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