Wednesday, July 23, 2008

JCPenney - Linden Street Line

Bed room 3*Photo to left is before bedding/curtains*
For some time now I have wanted to redecorate our master bedroom. When we had children it seems like every room in our home was put before our own. I heard some where that the 1st room you should put money towards is your own. Even though its probably the least seen room by guest... its one of the most important. After a long day of taking care of the kids... its the room you go to relax... chat with your husband... read... knit, watch a movie and most importantly sleep!

The room should be relaxing and fun to be in.

I am tickled to finally have a beautiful master bedroom.
When we moved to our current home we had no curtains for the bedroom. The house had some white curtains up from the precious residents... but those curtains were not my style... and were way to light. I like my bedroom to be on the darker/warmer side.

JCPenney has a wonderful new line out now called Linden Street. The line is just stunning... Each product beautifully crafted and made. I am officially SPOILED by this line.

A few of the items I picked out were the ...

Linden Street Bedding / Curtains
*My newly decorated bedroom - Thanks to Linden Street*

Linden Street Chenille Stripe Comforter Set. This set created the mood for the room. I was drawn to it because of its rich colors and masculine yet feminine feel. I know for us personally... its nice to have something neutral... rather than to girly. I loved how the tones went with my wall color.. The Chenille has the best texture and look. The pillow shames are probably the best and most well made Ive ever seen (no lie). They button close! They have these adorable large buttons on the back side w/ a solid chocolate brown cotton fabric. The opposite side matches the bedspread. So you can switch it up from matchy matchy, to chocolate.

The comforter set also includes a nice and thick bed skirt.

Oh and no bedding set is complete without some accent pillows :-)

With this newly decked out bed we couldn't forget new sheets.

Here is where I am spoiled...

sheetsWe now have 300 TC EGYPTIAN COTTON sheets. I purchased two sets in two neutral colors. I LOVE THEM! My husband has raved about them ever since. The only down fall to these sheets... You wont want to get out of bed. I am serious when I say that we have slept better since putting these on our bed. They are the softest sheetset we've ever used.

I would love to buy all my friends and family sets... because they truly are incredible.

I also grabbed one of the Egyptian Cotton Throws. I always like to have a large blanket/throw to cuddle up in at night.. or during a nap. This one is wonderful for that.

To finish off my room I grabbed new curtains. No more of the white southern ones. Although those weren't AWFUL... they just weren't me. I now own Linden Street® Barkwood Back-tab Panels. I purchased 4 of them (we have 4 windows). I keep them open during the day to let some light in... but at night or naps I shut them completely. They aren't so thick that they look over whelming... but they are thick enough that they block the light out ... giving the room a wonderful relaxing feel. These curtains aren't cheap, but... they are made to last! They look more beautiful in person than they do online.

I also grabbed a fun little bath rug for out master bathroom. Its very soft and easily washed. It was the perfect color (comic dust) to match our bathroom tiles.

Over all I really love the Linden Street line. The only thing I found a bit to high were the accent pillows and curtain rods. Although I got my accent pillows half off! So look for sales.

Other than that I found this line incredibly beautiful and well made. I will look for it every time I am JCPenney.. and like I said.. I hope to buy some family/friends those Egyptian Cotton Sheets. Those are just DIVINE!! Well worth every cent.

Buy It: You can purchase this line at any JCPenney! Or online.

A big thank you to BlogHer and JCPenney for the $500.00 gift card used for these items. It has been a joy and a true blessing for our family.



  1. I'm curious, was this the big shopping spree that you went on? It looks great!

  2. JC Penney has it all on-sale almost 50% right now:)I thought it looked very affordable......

  3. I am looking into purchasing this same set. I was just wondering what color the shams are that come with the bedding? I cannot tell by the catalog or


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