Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Camp Follower Bag

Like most women a purse/bag is a necessity for me when I go out, and, like most women, it's always fun to get new ones. Tia at Camp Follower Bags designs and quilts her bags as unique one-of-a-kind pieces. As a military wife herself she began by making her bags out of uniform pieces. You send your husbands uniform to her and she returns it as something you can keep close and use often.

This was particularly special for me as my Marine husband was killed in Iraq over three years ago. To have something that was worn by him turned into a beautiful something I can use again, is a gift which words cannot express. I feel like his uniforms are, in a way, back in action. Tia and her warm heart makes these bags for families that have lost their loved one at no cost, and not only did she make a bag for myself, but also for my mother-in-law and Providence too. She even asked to make a beautiful quilt for Providence.Providence is beyond pleased to have something of her daddy's and will carefully lay her quilt on the floor as a stage to dance atop of, as though she is dancing for her father.

Tia has a line of civilian bags for those without uniforms, she also does custom quilts. All her quilting on projects is done freehand, and it comes out just beautiful.

Buy it: First you can be inspired by Tia's flickr photo's. You can also visit Tia's Etsy shop where she'll occasionally list a bag she's made and is ready to part with, or you can contact Tia directly through her website.



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