Friday, July 25, 2008

Temporary Language -- Translation Ts

Temporary Language
is the home of the "Translation Tees" ~ capturing the mispronounced words and phrases that your little one says in the cutest ways. Our toddlers know exactly what their saying is right, but wrong never sounded so good. Each Translation Tee is a completely unique shirt, combining those cute mispronounced baby and toddler words with a very fresh, bold and iconic graphic.

Temporary Language will help you design a custom shirt just for your little talker. Check out the Gallery, which has well over 100 designs (and growing daily). If you don't find what you are looking for, fill out the Special Request form and Temporary Language will make you the shirt of your dreams. The illustrations aren’t simply photos, or clip art. Each one is a customized design, blending a photographic and an almost cartoon-like quality. Finally, be sure to include the word that you little one says so that you can share this sweet moment with the world. On a side note, in the comments section I added Terri Jades name and age and they so kindly added that to the bottom right of her own "Wipystick shirt"! ;-)

Buy It: Temporary Language Translation Ts are the place to go for all those mispronoused little words that warm our hearts. ALSO enjoy 10% off your purchase: simple10 (enter code at checkout).

[Mason and Terris babbling Mama]

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