Friday, October 10, 2008

Erbaviva Natural Organic Baby Review

Natural Organic Skincare Products
erbaviva I love Organic skin care products. I have always used Organic skincare products on Ethan since he was born. It isn't easy to find them available at your local store either. So I began my search online for products. Plus I wanted to start using them for myself as well. That's when I found erbaviva!

Erbaviva Natural Organic Baby erbaviva has many different products in their line of skincare products. I have the Baby Shampoo, the Diaper Cream, the Baby Lotion, and the sniffles organic chest balm. These products smell fantastic. I love it.
The diaper cream is like MAGIC. Ethan has never readlly had a true diaper rash, but sometimes he lil bum will get red and I immediately put cream on it so it doesn't get worse. I used the erbaviva diaper cream and the redness was was seriously amazing how quickly it worked.
The shampoo is leaves Ethan's hair very soft and smelling great.
erbaviva gift basket erbaviva is a great line of products, not only for baby, but for moms as well. They have a wonderful line of bath products for moms and mommies-to-be....go check it out. They have some fabulous gift sets available as well!

I am just very happy with these products and would recommend them to everyone. I know lots of families are turning toward organic bath products due to the fact of chemicals are harmful to your skin. erbaviva uses the highest quality of organic ingredients and essential oils, and is much healthier for our bodies.

BUY IT: erbaviva baby products These products are pure and gentle on your babies delicate skin.


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