Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Beansoup Aprons

Give a kid an APRON and
see what their IMAGINATION cooks up

It's the holiday season, and at my house that means we hit the kitchen and start baking up a storm. Sugar cookies, handmade chocolates, breads and brownies...all have a secret family recipe.

One of my favorite memories as a child was taking a cold, December afternoon and spending it with my Mom baking tasty treats of every variety.

Beansoup Aprons will have your special little cook feeling as important as the memories you will be creating with them.

Our favorite apron design has to be the little girls Cobbler ($34) - a modern twist on the iconic 1940's womens apron. This apron is surly a classic with it's vintage inspired prints, retro colors and three little double stitched front pockets.

We're not the only ones going crazy over these aprons. Many Hollywood elite have also found favor with the line. Famous celebrity parents such as Katie Holmes, Allison Sweeny and Casey Affleck (just to name a few) have enjoyed Beansoup Aprons with their children.

A Simple Coupon! Beansoup owner/mother/designer Leigh Helberg wants to make sure every aspiring little chef gets an apron for the holidays.

Use coupon code "beansoup" to get 31% off every apron (making the kid's chef and overall aprons only $20)....just possibly the perfect holiday gift!


  1. My favorite is the Cobbler Berry print. Very nostalgic and makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Thanks for the wonderful memories and your fabulous products and site!


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