Sunday, November 2, 2008

Beco Winner

I do apologize for the tardiness of this post. It has been one crazy week in my house hold :-)

Let me start off by saying this was no easy task.. I hope no one has hurt feelings or is offended by not getting picked... it was very hard to pick and might I add read through the many entries :-)

The winner of the Beco is....
Heather Brandt!

Ok the reason being...
She mentioned that she is adopting a little boy from Russia...
Adoption to me is something very special... We one day hope to adopt even though the Lord has blessed us with children, both my husband and I think the idea of adoption is so so special.

It reminds us how the Lord adopted each of us who have surrendered to him as his children... We are adopted by Christ and inherit a heavenly home with Christ... Adoption here on earth to me is just another great witness of what the Lord has done for us.. and is just beautiful.

I also understand though that sometimes with adoption the baby may not connect to the mother right off.. especially if its not a newborn. I found that wearing Taite was one of the things that made me feel even closer to him. There is something about holding them close, wearing them as babies that is very unique and precious.

I cherished every time I did it with Taite and I know it brought us just that much closer.

So Congrats HEATHER!

I do hope that the rest of you if you want a great Christmas gift for yourself or friend/family who is in dire need of a carrier.. check out Baby Snazz... they have such a great deal on these Beco's right now...

Thank you again everyone for signing up.. I enjoyed getting to know you a little bit more through your entries..

Heather please e-mail me at Drea.Simple [at]

Don't forget...
A Simple Coupon: With the already discounted Beco's you can use the coupon "simple5" for another 5% off your purchase (purchase must be over $40.00)



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