Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Someday Stories

Nowadays with the tight economy, every penny every month is accounted for. As a parent, I sometimes get stressed out thinking about saving for college for my children.

Wells Fargo recently launched a contest called "Wells Fargo Someday Stories". The premise of the contest was for
parents who are looking to start a college fund for their children, women who want to start their own business, etc. Wells Fargo asked contestants to tell them their Someday Story dream and how Wells Fargo could help them achieve it. Five finalists have been selected and are now in the running for the $100,000 grand prize.

Additionally, Wells Fargo has teamed up with Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Habitat for Humanity and Junior Achievement. One of these charities will receive $250,000; but they need votes to win.

I absolutely love Boys and Girls Clubs of American as well as Habitat for Humanity (I have 2 brand new Habitat homes on my street as of recently). Great companies for great causes.

So, go read their stories, go vote, go make somebody's "Someday Story" a reality.


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