Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shi Shu Baby Blankets

If I have come to realize one thing; it's that not all baby blankets are created equal. Some are big and poofy, some are light and flimsy. Some are even created mystery micro-fiber compositions. But then on rare occasions, you find a beautiful blanket that is "just right".

Shi Shu Baby handwoven blankets are made out of 100% natural fibers. Measuring in at 30"x40", these blankets are created out of the softest combination of 40% bamboo/ 60% cotton Mother Nature can provide.

The secret to bamboo is that it keeps baby warm and the winter, and cool in the Summer; making it the perfect cuddly year round solution. Another rave about these handwoven blankets? They are fantastic for little babes with sensitive skin.

The Shi Shu baby blanket ($88) is appropriate for when you want your baby to look his/her best(which is everyday, right?). With blanket choices in colors such as blue, pink, lemon, or celedon- there is a color hue that is just right for your little boy, girl or surprise!

No need to worry, Shi Shu Style has not forgotten and left Mom and Dad out in the cold either. Shi Shu Home Classic Weave Throw (50"x60") consist the same yummy goodness as their baby blankets but in a proportion us big kids can enjoy and appreciate.

Buy it! Shi Shu blankets can be purchased at their fabulous online boutique.

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