Thursday, March 5, 2009

20 and counting with LOTS of advice

When I started having children, I started reading parenting books. It's not that I didn't know what to do, but I wanted to know how other people train and raise their little ones.... you know get some ideas and inspiration!! And the BEST people to learn from are those with experience...

Enter the Duggars! A family with 18 children who have a show on TLC and Discovery Health. This family has been through EVERY stage of child-rearing, except grandchildren!! When they make TV appearances their children are always very well-behaved, even the youngest ones!!

When The Duggars released their book, The Duggars: 20 and Counting, in December I had mine ordered!! I figured they have plenty of experience!!! And they know what works best (for them) and what fits into an already busy household.

Although I was a little disappointed that the book wasn't ALL about parenting, I did appreciate learning about Michelle and Jim Bob's upbringing and newlywed days.... it really demonstrated how normal they are! Some of the book also described their financial position and how they made ends meet and became successful without having ANY debt!!

But I especially enjoyed what they shared about their training and parenting. Simple things like playing "obedience games" with the kids or keeping their door open for teenagers to discuss struggles or decisions with their parents. They have included everything from potty training to organizing and keeping the laundry process manageable!!! It has the kids answering some of their "most common email" questions, their favorite recipes, homeschooling helps, plenty of pictures and resource guides!!

While YOU might not have the intention of having 18 children .... this book will encourage your heart and your parenting of your little blessings!!

Buy IT! You can purchase The Duggars: 20 and Counting! at many major book retailers or online at CBD, Amazon or Barnes and Noble for less than $15!!


  1. Wow, I think a book like that would have plenty of tips for new and even experienced parents of all size families. This day and age it is almost as if 'camera' are on the home so to speak anyway so I like to reflect my parent positively because you need to ask yourselves "would I be doing/behaving this way if I was being televised on TLC 24/7"

  2. Parenting is challenging to say the least... but I liked some of simple suggestions and bits of wisdom. And some of the "outside -of-the-box" stuff that the Duggars do like.... they keep their clothes in a clothing room right not to the laundry room...elminiates the carrying the laundry around the house... distributing it to everyones rooms...

    And they wear similiar colors when they dress to help with sorting the laundry!! Red day = red laundry to do the next day.... INGENIOUS!


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