Friday, March 13, 2009

Monster Fluff Studios

Monster Fluff Studios have come up with some of the most adorably designed fleece soakers, longies, fluffie blankies, and soaker sets. You can order your choice of color and embroidered monster on your choice of either a soaker or a blankie. Any issues/custom orders simply email...[]. Unique embroidered characters are the perfect match for my little monster's bottom. I couldn't decide between all the little monsters, and its nothing thats going to frighten your little ones either. Initially I ordered my soakers as a baby gift, but once Terri saw them she decided that they were "HERS"!

Monster Fluff has the softest, heavy-weight fleece covers out there. They have additional fleece sewn in where it matters the most. Terri uses hers when it matters most for a 2 Y.O. young night. There are 2 main types of fleece covers, soakers and longies. Soakers, like the one pictured at the top, go over a fitted or prefold diaper and are great to pair with a matching t-shirt on warm days. Longies are long fleece pants, and when you put this over a diaper, you don't need any other pants! Or, if you're using them during a cool winter, they can go under another pair of pants for super warmth. These are also great to use in snow because of their waterproof nature.

Their Super soft Monster Fluffies Blankies are definitely something to rave about as well. You can tell each is made with love. (My niece already loves hers.) You'll fall in love with the super soft minkee, satin, ultra cool retro fabric, along with the optional ribbons (for the extra special final touch). The ribbons of course added as that little clinger that makes this blankie the one that the little one will get attached too. The one they'll call "bouie", since lots of kids like to play with them while they are lulling off to sleep. These little Monster Flufflie Blankies are the perfect size for your little one to snuggle with.(Be sure to wash on gentle cycle with cold water, no heat should be used to dry. lay flat or air fluff ONLY!!)

To find out a little more about the founders of Monster Fluff you can read more over here.
Buy It: Interested in what you see? Check out Monster Fluff Studios collection. Remember if they don't have in stock your specific size or color or even monster, shoot them an email for your customizations.

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