Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sustain Stores

It used to be tricky to find eco-friendly places to shop. Today, finding sustainable products is not as hard as it use to be (thanks to the internet), but finding these products reasonably priced is still a bit of a challenge.

A website that I've just discovered, Sustain, has made it easy to live sustainable by providing awesome products at an affordable price. Shopping categories include: Home & Garden, Kitchen & Bath, Personal & Health, Energy & Water, and our favorite, Baby & Kids.

What I love about the folks at Sustain is that they’ve decided to independently verify all eco-friendly claims before selling a product.

One of our favorite products offered by sustain might just be their baby onesie (with the smug tag line "I'm greener than you..." on the back)

From the CEO himself:
“Our number one goal is to supply customers with the information and tools necessary to make sustainable choices and purchases,” “The last thing we’d want is a customer to make a purchase and then find out the company had lied about their eco-friendliness. By independently verifying claims, customers can make purchases with confidence”

Another fun reason to shop Sustain? They're bloggers too! Writing about new products, eco trends, and what's hot in the green industry.

GET YOUR OWN! Visit www.sustainstores.com to view their selection of sustainable products, or stop by Sustain’s new retail store in Louisville, KY.



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