Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bosheree Family Signs

I am one of those people that is insanely proud of the little family I have created by marrying my husband and having our boys. I daydream about what the future holds for our family - how many kids I'll have, who they'll marry, what life will be like with grandkids, etc.

When I found a shop called Bosheree that creates these family keepsake signs, I knew I just had to have one! I LOVE my family sign because its classic and clean looking, something I will be able to cherish for a lifetime. Hopefully it will be one of those treasured items my kids fight over who gets when I'm gone!

Bosheree signs are made on solid white pine, and they offer the ability to choose your colors, font, finish, and if you want distressed edges for that "vintage look".

Bosheree not only makes family keepsake signs, they make adorable kids' signs and wall decor. What a great wedding gift this would make, or a baby shower gift with the child's name on it! I remember feeling SO PROUD to take on my new last name when I got married, this would have been the IDEAL gift to receive!

GET YOUR OWN!! (with a coupon!) Bosheree is offering a 10% discount to our SIMPLE readers! Enter the word SIMPLE in the note to seller to receive your discount.

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  1. Those are at such a good price, too! I think they would make awesome wedding gifts. And I think it might make a great Christmas gift for the parents and in-laws this year! THANKS for the early Christmas shopping inspiration! :)


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