Thursday, July 2, 2009


I love the convenience of a pouch sling. Oh how wonderful it is to just pull it out of your diaper bag and toss your baby in there so you can zip into a store real quick. The problem with pouch slings: they really do need to be custom made to fit you. As your body changes through breastfeeding, weight loss, etc, and as your baby grows, a pouch sling stays exactly the same and may limit the time frame of its use.
I have found a great alternative! The UpMama Pouch-Ringsling Hybrid. Oh yes, my friends, its as cool as it sounds. It has the structured body of a pouch and the adjustability of a ring sling!

Not only is this carrier beautiful, it is extremely comfortable. My baby weighs almost 20 lbs., and I've got back problems, so comfort is a top priority for me! The shoulder of it is very didn't "dig in" anywhere like I sometimes find my regular pouch sling doing. I was easily able to get my baby in and out of it quickly, and found it very easy to adjust. The fabric has just a slight bit of stretch to it, adding to the ease of getting baby in there comfortably without sacrificing the support. No sagging here! The tail also has a zippered pocket to keep toys, keys, cell phone, etc. in. Perfect!

GET YOUR OWN!! (with a coupon!) Enter coupon code "webmama" at UpMama for 10% off your purchase. (FYI - the prices listed are in Canadian dollars...there is a link on the site to convert it to US dollars.)


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