Friday, August 7, 2009

Bob Stroller Diaper Bag

Almost a year ago I got the most wonderful jogging stroller around. The Bob Revolution! I could begin to rave about that all over again, but if you are curious about the actual stroller, feel free to read my review HERE.

I got the chance this time though to review the BOB Diaper Bag (stroller bag).

A great addition for all those who own a BOB but also for any mom wanting a great stroller bag. This bag has side straps that can be used to attach to your stroller handles. They are stored in the SIDES of the bag vs. the insides (like most stroller bags). You can zip up the extra straps so they don't get in the way when not in use.

The diaper bag has a lot of great features as well. Insulted removable/washable insert, separate baby/parent compartments are just a few.

: I think any active mom or dad would enjoy the bags sleek design and durability/function. Pick from the 9 different colors to match your stroller or personality. Don't forget to check out the stroller line as well... seriously THE BEST stroller. Its like pushing air.

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