Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Baby Pop for Halloween

The first thing that caught my eye from Baby Pop's shop is the super fun teepee for the kids to play in. It sure makes me wish that I was a kid again so that I could play in it myself. But that's the fun of being a parent - I get to play, too. I also love that it folds up so nicely to store it when it's not currently housing a pow-wow.

But there is so much more to Baby Pop's store than a teepee. It's a super-fun kind of store this time of year, and I'm letting you know in time for Halloween. Baby Pop also makes personalized capes and masks. What little one doesn't dream of being a super hero? And now they can be one for Halloween! Not the already-done ones like Superman or Batman, but their very own. It's awesome.

Baby Pop has garnered much attention, from being an Etsy Featured Pick to being featured on Good Morning America. And now they can be featured in your own home. Order now to get it in time for Halloween!

Buy It: Baby Pop can be found on Etsy at



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