Saturday, September 19, 2009

Crayola Customized Coloring Pages

Do your kid like to color? Do they like pictures of themselves? What if they could do color pictures of themselves??

Crayola KidsZone has always had coloring pages but now you can make customized coloring pages of your kids. Think of all the new decorating and gift ideas... wish I would have known about it for Grandparents Day last weekend!!

It's very easy!! Upload pictures of your family and kids. I registered with Crayola so I could save my favorite pictures:) Here is one of the pictures that printed off.... make sure you center yours:)

In order to print off the pictures you need a code that is found on speciality marked containers of Crayola Crayon products:)

I recently found a code good for only 24 hours from Parents Magazine, use PR24QCHT!!kellysignature Try it out yourself HERE!!


  1. Oh FUN!! Thanks for the tip Kelly!!

  2. That is sooo cute!! im off to print some now :)

  3. Thanks for sharing...My little girly is loving it!!


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